My Story


My name is Christine Bässler, I was born 1969 in Celle.

Celle is a small town near Hannover in lower saxony / Germany.

Glowing passion


That symbolizes my work actually best.

All my works are created with passion. Everything I have experienced and tried in my life so far, I did with passion.

At young age my focus was completely in competitive sports. Only as a roller-skater in pair running with national and international successes - seen a lot of the world and above all learned a lot for life.

At the age of 16, I swapped the boots for a pair of rinkhockey skates and found myself as a defender in a great and successful team. In the 80's we could celebrate together four times in succession the German championship title.

I also had the great honor to participate in part in the 1992 Women's World Cup in Portugal. The highlight of my athletic career.

I have not hung up my roller skates until today.

Since I have also found my great love by the sport, it is not surprising for roller hockey parents that my two children also practice this sport.

My passion for art developed with photography already in my early childhood, even then everything possible and impossible "clicking" with a so-called Ritsch Ratsch click camera.. Only now that my children are slowly fledging, I have time and leisure to take the camera on the way - I can recover from everyday stress and enjoy the peace in nature. The painting is then something for the colder season, then I can pull myself back in my atelier and relax there.

Also, dealing with the purely digital media, I find very exciting and so you can unite everything wonderful and it creates decorative mixers.

Feel inspired.....